Everything you need to know about the workability check

01 March 2024

What is the workability check?

The workability check is a financial incentive offered by the Flemish government to encourage businesses to focus on creating a workable workplace. This means a work environment that supports the physical and mental health and satisfaction of employees. The check, with a maximum value of €9,000, can be used to identify areas for improvement or to implement strategies that enhance workability.

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Why focus on workable work?

Workable work is about creating a work environment that supports the physical and mental well-being of your employees, keeping them satisfied and engaged. While you might enjoy your job, it may not always be considered "workable" based on its impact on these four key areas:

  • Preventing overstrain: work shouldn't lead to excessive stress and pressure. This includes managing workloads and creating a balanced work environment.
  • Job satisfaction and motivation: employees should find their work challenging, interesting, and fulfilling.
  • Learning opportunities: work should provide opportunities for continuous learning and development in a fast-changing work environment. This can be achieved through training, further education, and personal growth initiatives.
  • Work-life balance: work should allow for a healthy balance between professional and personal life. This requires flexibility and support for employees to manage their various commitments.

Workable work not only benefits your employees' well-being and satisfaction but also contributes to your organization's success by retaining motivated staff and fostering a positive work environment. The Flemish government's action plan, "Together we accelerate for workable work," aims to support organizations in achieving these goals.

What can you use your workability check for?

The workability check can be used for:

  • Assessments or scans: these tools help you map your organization's current level of workability.
  • Guidance: expert support can assist you in conducting assessments or implementing workability initiatives.
  • Training and advice: you can use the check to invest in training or consulting services, with a focus on improving the psychosocial wellbeing of your employees. This includes areas like creating ergonomic workstations, enhancing employee skills, and developing policies that promote psychological wellbeing.

Who is eligible?

The workability check is available to sole proprietorships, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large companies (with at least one employee). Both profit and non-profit organizations are eligible, except for public entities. You can only use the check once, receiving a maximum of €9,000 in financial support.

How can you apply for the workability check?

Applications for workability checks can be submitted online through ESF Flanders. You'll need to register your organization first before submitting your application. Click here for the manual on how to apply or visit the Flemish Government website for more information.

When can you apply?

The application period for workability checks is open until July 31, 2024. The Flemish government has allocated €3 million for the program in 2024. They will provide an update if the remaining budget falls below €500,000.

Can you use your check at BloomUp?

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