BloomUp - Mentale ondersteuning voor jouw team

Commit to mental well-being

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BloomUp - Mentale ondersteuning voor jouw team

BloomUp supports more than 300,000 people

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Mental well-being in the workplace remains a major challenge for HR teams.

More and more employees are dropping out due to psychosocial reasons. From higher staff costs to extra administration and a drop in productivity, the impact is bigger than you think. With BloomUp, you give your employees access to high-quality, accessible and on-demand mental support. This is how you build a healthy organisation, at all levels.


Mental sidekicks? At BloomUp, we work with recognised psychologists and psychotherapists, who we call our mental sidekicks. They support you with your personal challenges.

Our tools

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Well-being scan

Find out what the real state of your employees' well-being is. 

User-friendly questionnaires reveal the areas of concern. 

Track progress with measurable results.

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Content Hub

Talk about mental well-being in a quick and accessible way. 

Ready-made content to share via your internal communication channels. 

In various forms: articles, tips and videos.

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Online therapy

Create the space for your team to talk about their mental challenges. 

Community of +160 psychologists and psychotherapists available. 

No matter where you are, whenever you want.

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Growth tracks

Engage in personal development through a variety of tools: text, video, quiz and audio. 

Enhance impact with guidance from a coach (optional). 

Available in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English.

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HR Dashboard

Gain insight into your organisation's use of BloomUp. 

Identify the challenges your employees face. 

Align your communication plan with the needs of your team.

A mentally strong team in just a few steps

Mental support for your employees, always at your fingertips.
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Get started quickly and easily

We provide you with everything you need for a successful launch. In no time, everyone will know about BloomUp!

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Let's talk about mental well-being

Increase awareness and create the space to provide the right mental support.

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Happy and healthy employees

Your employees will have access to the necessary tools to work on their mental well-being.

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Get insight through measurable results

We help you translate areas of concern into concrete actions with anonymised data.

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Why choose Bloomup?

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Human touch

We are always at your service with personal support tailored to your organisation. Your employees can also count on a network of more than 160 accredited clinical psychologists and psychotherapists.

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Carefree use

BloomUp makes it easy for you and your employees to work on mental well-being. Everyone can easily get started within their own comfort zone. So you work at your own pace towards visible progress.

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Peace of mind for you and your team with fully anonymised data. Start working proactively with these new insights. This is how you build a better wellbeing policy.

The results speak for themselves!



are better able to disconnect after following this growth track.



of employees recommend BloomUp to their colleagues.



less turnover among employees using BloomUp.