Enhance employee wellbeing with the BloomUp wellbeing scan

01 March 2024

Focusing on employee wellbeing is increasingly important for organisations. However, understanding specific areas of concern can be challenging. A wellbeing scan provides an objective starting point for targeted action by mapping employee wellbeing. Read on to learn more.

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Why measure wellbeing?

Measurement is key. By measuring wellbeing, you gain an objective foundation for targeted action. It helps you identify areas for improvement, address mental health concerns, discover positive aspects, and track the effectiveness of your initiatives. Additionally, early detection of stress and burnout can help prevent high absence costs.

What is a wellbeing scan?

The well-being scan is a user-friendly online questionnaire for all employees, covering various well-being themes. It's scientifically based and addresses different aspects like motivation, stress, and involvement.

We can tailor the questionnaire to your specific needs, whether you want a general overview or to focus on specific areas. Repeated scans allow you to track progress and monitor the impact of your well-being initiatives.

Benefits of a wellbeing scan

Investing in employee wellbeing leads to various benefits, including reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, increased employee commitment, and fostering an environment for innovation and creativity. Proactive measures can also help avoid significant costs associated with long-term staff loss due to illness. Addressing emerging mental health challenges allows for swift and efficient solutions.

How does the BloomUp wellbeing scan work?

  1. Baseline scan: we provide an initial scan with a thorough and up-to-date picture of your employees' well-being. The questionnaire is customisable to your company's needs, and privacy and quality are our top priorities.
  2. Dashboard & results discussion: upon completion, you receive a personalised dashboard with real-time data insights. We will then collaborate with you to delve deeper into the results and explore their implications.
  3. Action plan development and implementation: determine impactful initiatives, based on the scan's findings. Focus on reinforcing positive aspects and addressing areas needing improvement. This includes creating actionable short- and long-term strategies to enhance employee wellbeing.
  4. Evaluation and adjustment: the impact of your initiatives will be measured through a second scan and compared to the baseline for objective evaluation. This allows for adjustments to ensure continuous improvement.

Ready to get started?

Looking to improve your team's mental well-being but unsure where to begin? We can help!

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