A strong goal carried by a strong team

Supporting people to grow and bloom, by making mental well-being accessible to all. That's what we stand for with BloomUp. That's why we offer a safe environment and a professional network to strengthen your mind in an easy, accessible and personal way.

Our values

To best support people, we are strongly committed to our four core values: Empower, Openness, Explore and Pragmatic. Learn more about what this means to us here.
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Stronger together

Encourage personal and team development. 

Encourage others to be their authentic selves. 

Support each other and give recognition. 

Lower thresholds.

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Be sincere

An open and transparent environment to be yourself. 

Embrace vulnerability and imperfection. 

Information and decisions are accessible to all. 

Encourage interaction and cross-fertilisation between teams.

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Embrace the unknown

Encourage adventurous curiosity and thinking in terms of possibilities. 

Dare to make mistakes. 

Look beyond your preconceptions. 

Discover, try and learn.

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Doing over thinking

Keep evaluating and adjusting for a pragmatic approach. 

Dare to challenge yourself and each other. 

Create impact by making data actionable. 

Keep it stupid simple.

The BloomUp team

BloomUp would not be BloomUp without our Bloomies! They work every day to make mental well-being accessible to everyone. Would you like to get to know BloomUp better? Here's where it all starts.

Clovis Six

Sara Van de Kerckhove

Vincent Schoors

Pieter Van der Haegen

Louis Bailey

Marjolein Bollen

Caro Van Rompaey

Roman Kandinskii

Freya Vercruyssen

Jasper Boschmans

Alex Van Dijck