Onze mentale sidekicks
Our mental sidekicks

Quality guidance for all

At BloomUp, you will find the perfect match in our growing network of accredited clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Each with their own expertise and personal approach, which we fully support.

Onze mentale sidekicks

Accessible, personal and secure

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Large community for tailored support

At BloomUp, we work with recognised clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. Our mental sidekicks have different specialisations, so you always get the support that suits you.

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Personalised support for every challenge
No one-size-fits-all solution. We match you with the mental sidekick that best suits your individual needs and preferences. From early morning to late at night, you choose!
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Safe and trusted environment
We provide a safe space where you can discuss anything. Our mental sidekicks are bound by professional secrecy. In addition, we secure our platform to the hilt. So you don't have to worry about your privacy.

Mental sidekicks? At BloomUp, we work with recognised psychologists and psychotherapists, who we call our mental sidekicks. They support you with your personal challenges.

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Carefully verified by BloomUp

The quality of care at BloomUp is our top priority.

Our criteria

BloomUp's mental sidekicks are accredited clinical psychologists and psychotherapists who hold a healthcare facility accreditation document. They attend regular supervision or peer review.

Our selection procedure

After an initial selection, all candidates are interviewed by our BloomUp community manager. Among other things, we check their motivation and review their experience with online therapy. BloomUp is more than an intermediary. We work side by side with mental sidekicks who also believe 100% in our mission, vision and values.

BloomUp community

BloomUp offers a network of mental sidekicks with different approaches, including solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and ACT. We guarantee a diversity of profiles with different nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Wondering what we can do for you?

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BloomUp for companies

Give your employees access to high-quality, accessible and on-demand mental support.

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Bloomup for myself

Get access to approachable, confidential and affordable mental support when and where you want it.