Mental wellbeing: an investment with a solid return

02 November 2023

The incidence of burnout and depression has been steadily rising, with approximately a 10% increase every year. Between 2016 and 2021, the number of individuals unable to work due to burnout or depression surged by 46.35%. In 2019 alone, Belgium allocated 1.5 billion euros for benefits related to these conditions.

The absence of employees casts a significant impact on your organisation. Hence, investing in mental wellbeing not only saves time and resources but also enhances productivity and fosters longer-lasting employee retention. There are ample reasons to invest in content, engaged employees who contribute their best.

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Curious about the advantages for your organisation when your employees enjoy better mental health?

Employees facing mental health challenges often result in higher absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover rates within your organisation, incurring substantial costs. Consider wage expenditures, recruitment and training of new personnel, and decreased productivity. In contrast, content, resilient, and mentally healthy employees exhibit greater attachment to your organisation, higher motivation, and a more tangible presence. Consequently, this leads to reduced turnover and an improved workplace atmosphere. Thus, investing in your team's mental wellbeing is tantamount to investing in your organisation.

How can you invest in mental wellbeing?

Investing in mental health is not a one-time event. To nurture contentment in your workplace, you should concentrate on multiple facets:

Foster a culture of authenticity
People who feel comfortable at work tend to be happier. An environment that is open, warm, and inclusive facilitates this comfort. Employees at ease are more likely to provide feedback promptly, take initiative, and exhibit creativity, propelling your organisation forward. Strive to create a workplace where individuals think outside the box, actively listen to one another, and address a range of issues. You can read six tips here to boost employee engagement.

Demonstrate personal appreciation 
Recognizing employees' contributions to your organisation's goals bolsters their motivation. Regularly express your appreciation through compliments or tokens of recognition. Additionally, celebrate your company's successes collectively. When targets are met, consider organising a pleasant lunch or a team outing.

Cultivate a 'work hard, play hard' mindset
To perform at your best, you need opportunities to unwind. In situations with high workloads, it's crucial to convey that your organisation accommodates relaxation as well. Encourage employees to utilize their vacation days fully. By disconnecting from work periodically, you can mitigate the risk of burnout and elevate productivity.

Provide adequate feedback 
Knowing that you are performing well and understanding areas for improvement boosts your confidence and overall workplace satisfaction. Dedicate time to offer your talent comprehensive and constructive feedback. Extend the opportunity for them to respond to your feedback or provide input themselves. Attentive listening to your employees is often the initial step in addressing and identifying problems.

Offer access to quality individual mental support
Make mental wellbeing a subject of open discussion and demonstrate your concern for the wellbeing of your personnel. Some employees may benefit from additional individual support to address personal or work-related mental challenges.