Exploring the advantages of online therapy

07 November 2023

Online therapy offers a contemporary approach to psychotherapy, enabling you to connect with a certified psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist through video calls. Whether using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, this digital platform provides the mental support you require, offering the flexibility to choose when and where it best suits you. This form of mental health care has evolved into a widely accessible and equally effective alternative to traditional in-person therapy for addressing various challenges.

Blog - De voordelen van online therapie op een rij

Five compelling reasons for the growing popularity of online therapy

1. Eliminating lengthy waiting times
It's no secret that Belgium has grappled with extensive waiting periods for psychological support. In the year 2022, individuals often faced an average wait time of six months for an in-person consultation with a recognized psychologist, psychiatrist, or psychotherapist. Online therapy, on the other hand, often allows you to secure an appointment within a week, minimizing unnecessary delays.

2. Universally accessible
Taking the initial step towards seeking mental support can be daunting, but with online therapy, it becomes more accessible. The opportunity to begin your therapy journey from the comfort of your own familiar surroundings can significantly reduce stress and increase your comfort during sessions, ultimately enhancing their effectiveness.

3. Unparalleled flexibility
Online therapy offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing you to choose both the location and time that best suits your schedule. Whether you prefer evening discussions or find yourself in a different time zone due to travel, online conversations can take place at your convenience. Additionally, the absence of physical travel not only saves you time but also conserves energy and resources.

4. Tailored, always-accessible support
Various forms of therapy and a wide range of care providers, both national and international, are at your fingertips. The removal of physical barriers empowers you to quickly and effortlessly find the ideal support to address your challenges.

5. Ensuring the effectiveness of your therapy
Comprehensive research has demonstrated that online therapy is just as effective as traditional in-person therapy for addressing numerous psychological concerns. However, the choice between online and traditional therapy should align with your personal preferences and the nature of your issues. For severe or complex complaints, in-person therapy may be advisable.

Determining your best course of action

If taking the (literal) step towards mental support feels challenging, physical mobility is an issue, or the comfort of your familiar environment is a priority, online therapy is an excellent choice for you. Conversely, those lacking digital skills or resources or those who prefer face-to-face interactions may opt for traditional therapy.

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