Be kind to yourself: embrace the power of gentleness

01 March 2024

Have you ever scrolled through social media, bombarded by perfect snapshots of seemingly successful lives, only to feel the pressure rise and your own life suddenly seem less fulfilling?

We all too often act as our own harshest critics, mercilessly judging ourselves for perceived shortcomings and mistakes. But what if we approached ourselves, and the world around us, with a touch more gentleness? Could we see these missteps as opportunities to learn, embrace our vulnerabilities, and extend compassion – both towards ourselves and others?

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What is gentleness?

Gentleness isn't about self-pity or passivity. It's about actively nurturing our emotional and physical wellbeing. It fosters resilience and serves as a powerful tool for coping with challenges. Instead of pushing away or judging difficult emotions, gentleness encourages acknowledging them and taking steps to soothe the pain.

The three most important pillars of gentleness:

Kindness: be willing to care for yourself and challenge your inner critic. Remember, if you wouldn't say something critical to a friend, refrain from saying it to yourself.

Humanity: acknowledge that experiencing pain is part of the human condition. We all encounter hardship at times. Recognizing the pain and vulnerabilities of others fosters a sense of connection and helps us feel less alone.

Mindfulness: be present with uncomfortable or painful emotions in a non-judgmental way, allowing space for them without self-criticism. This allows you to observe these emotions without becoming consumed by them.

Practicing gentleness in daily life

Here are some affirmations you can incorporate daily, either by writing them down or saying them aloud:

  • It's okay to make mistakes. Nobody's perfect.
  • Taking care of myself isn't selfish.
  • I'll strive to be less critical and doubt myself less.
  • It's alright to say "no" to others and prioritize myself.
  • Change takes time, and embracing gentleness makes it easier.
  • Every experience, even mistakes, are opportunities to learn.

Gentleness can significantly contribute to a more positive and healthy self-image. Give it a chance, and experience the transformation it brings.

Still unsure about making gentleness a priority? If you'd like help becoming kinder to yourself, BloomUp offers online consultations with psychologists and therapists, available anytime, anywhere.