5 tips to foster open discussions about mental wellbeing in your organisation

30 October 2023

It's a curious phenomenon: we find it easier to converse with our employers about work-related matters than our private lives. This was evident in a 2021 survey conducted by Mensura and Certimed, where 4 in 10 individuals expressed an inability to address stress and workload concerns. To guide you in making mental wellbeing a prominent topic of discussion within your organisation, we offer the following five tips:

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1. Create the space for it

Just as you allocate time for discussing daily activities and tasks, set aside moments for mental health check-ins. As a manager, schedule wellbeing conversations with your employees, or integrate a designated time during team meetings when everyone can openly share their challenges and successes.

2. Set a good example

Management should be willing to show vulnerability. When employees observe that managers also grapple with mental health issues at times, it fosters relatability and deeper connections. Consider sharing personal stories through internal communication tools like podcasts, videos, or internal newsletters.

3. Offer tools for mental support

Put your words into action. Merely stating that mental wellbeing is open for discussion within your organisation won't bring about structural change. Demonstrate your commitment by providing tools for employees who require individual support. Platforms like BloomUp can be valuable resources in supporting your employees.

4. Communicate about it regularly

Consistently raise awareness about mental wellbeing at fixed intervals, through tips & tricks or other segments shared via the intranet or internal newsletters. Regular reminders have a more lasting impact than a one-time, significant initiative. At BloomUp, we've curated a communication database containing tips & tricks for addressing common workplace challenges, enabling you to communicate frequently and easily.

5. Is there a limit to what can be discussed?

Employers often harbor concerns about the potential negative consequences of open discussions about emotions in the workplace. What if there's too much talk and not enough focus on work? Or if employees abuse these initiatives and take more frequent absences? How far should you go in establishing a bond of trust with colleagues?

These apprehensions are unfounded, as making mental wellbeing more open to discussion can lead to substantial gains in productivity. Investing in openness is undoubtedly a win for your organisation.

Naturally, a delicate balance is essential, and your team should have the autonomy to determine the extent of their openness. After all, not everyone may wish to divulge personal concerns to colleagues. An ideal environment is one in which individuals feel comfortable discussing mental wellbeing, while also maintaining the freedom to choose their level of openness and set their own boundaries.

BloomUp is a digital platform that simplifies the process of employees seeking individual mental support. The platform boasts an extensive communication database, allowing HR managers to access a wealth of materials to make mental wellbeing an integral aspect of the workplace.