3 methods to invest in mental wellbeing

19 September 2023

Investing in the mental wellbeing of your employees can yield numerous benefits, from increased motivation and productivity to reduced costs associated with absenteeism. As an organisation, you have compelling reasons to prioritize the mental health of your workforce. But where do you begin?

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1. Cultivating a cultural shift

The first step involves cultivating a healthy working environment that encourages open communication and addresses mental health concerns. Creating a corporate culture in which employees feel comfortable discussing their wellbeing fosters peace of mind within your organisation. You can foster an open culture by organising workshops, providing mental wellbeing programs, and promoting candid conversations about these topics.

2. Proactive, individual tailored support

Recognize that employees may face different challenges at various points in their careers. To address this, it's crucial to offer personalized support when needed. This can take the form of individual coaching, group discussions, or self-help resources centered around common themes. These initiatives empower employees to proactively enhance their mental resilience, enabling them to excel both in and out of the workplace.

3. Reactive individual support

In situations where an employee experiences illness and must be absent, it is vital to provide continued support. This includes arranging suitable replacements during the employee's absence and developing a well-thought-out reintegration plan.

A continuous journey towards mental wellbeing

It's important to view mental wellbeing as an ongoing process. Tailor your approach to the specific needs and requirements of your organisation. Remember that open communication and regular evaluation are pivotal in sustaining and enhancing the mental wellbeing of your employees.