Bloomup strengthens position in mental wellbeing market with Mindlab acquisition

16 January 2024

Antwerp-based start-up, BloomUp, is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Mindlab, a prominent provider of online personal development programs. This strategic move fortifies BloomUp's position in the market and facilitates both entities to pursue their shared mission: making mental wellbeing accessible to individuals and organizations.

Team BloomUp_2023

About Mindlab and BloomUp

Similar to BloomUp, Mindlab offers preventive mental support for companies and their employees. Their scientifically grounded online tracks aim to enhance understanding and improve mental wellbeing. Each track incorporates a high-quality treatment program featuring psychoeducational material on a specific theme, complemented by exercises, videos, audio fragments, and more.

Mindlab's success has resulted in robust growth, necessitating team expansion. This acquisition enables the continuation of that growth, providing enhanced value to users and organizations.

BloomUp equips employers with the necessary resources to proactively address the mental wellbeing of their employees. This encompasses online therapy, offering swift access to accredited psychologists and psychotherapists through personalised matching. Additionally, their growth tracks via the mobile app provide accessible solutions for personal challenges in the workplace. The option for a personal coach adds depth and ensures lasting results.

The synergy between Mindlab and BloomUp not only broadens the offering but also enhances the ability to significantly contribute to the mental well-being of employees.

Why this acquisition?

Sare De Caster, founder of Mindlab, explains the rationale behind the acquisition: “The success of Mindlab resulted in very strong growth, making it necessary to further expand the team around Mindlab. With BloomUp, we found this strong team, and Mindlab can continue to grow.” The acquisition also offers the opportunity to provide a comprehensive offering, from early detection to further, individual guidance.


Clovis Six, Founder and CEO of BloomUp, adds: “We strongly believe in the complementarity between Mindlab and BloomUp, which is a win-win for everyone. The fact that we can now support even more people in an even more effective way fits perfectly with BloomUp's purpose."

Clovis Six, Founder & CEO van BloomUp

Thanks to the recent acquisition, more than 300,000 employees now have access to mental support, with a proven impact: 86% of users indicate that they experience fewer complaints. Sare De Caster, founder of Mindlab, emphasises: “Mindlab and BloomUp were both already strong players in the mental wellbeing market, each with their own focus. Joining forces gives us the confidence that Mindlab will end up in good hands.”

What does this mean for our users?

Our top priority is to maintain the high-quality service that Mindlab and BloomUp are known for. We are, therefore, determined to ensure a seamless transition from Mindlab to Mindlab by BloomUp. Together, we look forward to supporting even more employees with their personal development and mental wellbeing. BloomUp and Mindlab, united in their mission, continue to build healthy and happy employees together.