We support everyone to grow and prosper

For any mental challenge.
Completely within your own comfort zone.
Where and when you want.

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BloomUp supports more than 50,000 people

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Who do we support?

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BloomUp for businesses

  • Do you want to commit to the mental well-being of your employees but are not succeeding?
  • Are you struggling to attract and retain talent?
  • Do your employees find it difficult to constantly perform, constantly focus or live balanced lives?
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BloomUp for myself

  • Do you need mental support, but don't know where to start?
  • Are you struggling to find the right mental sidekick?
  • Do you find it challenging to deal with stress, find peace of mind, or look at yourself positively?

Mental sidekicks? At BloomUp, we work with recognised psychologists and psychotherapists, who we call our mental sidekicks. They support you with your personal challenges.

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BloomUp: the all-in-one mental well-being platform

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Online therapy

Match with a mental sidekick based on your preferences. You get to work together.

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Growth pathways

Strengthen your mental well-being in our app by learning the right skills.

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Well-being scan

For companies

Gain insight into the well-being of your employees and set up targeted actions.

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HR Dashboard

For companies

Align your welfare policy with anonymised data from your employees.

Creating impact, that's nice!



of our users would never have taken the step towards mental support without BloomUp.



less turnover among employees using BloomUp. Investing in your team is investing in their well-being.

3 days


is the average waiting time for an initial interview at BloomUp. So what are you waiting for?

Why bet on mental wellbeing?

Investing in mental well-being means actively working on the health, productivity and happiness of your employees. In our inspiration hub, you will find several blogs and webinars that will guide you through these topics.

Get started!

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BloomUp for businesses

Give your employees access to high-quality, accessible and on-demand mental support.

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Bloomup for myself

Get access to approachable, confidential and affordable mental support when and where you want it.

Working together towards a more mentally resilient Belgium

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