Accessible mental healthcare

We want to make mental health care as accessible as physical health care

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Only 1 in 3 people with mental worries seek professional help.

We want to change that.
We help you take the step sooner and increase your mental resilience.

The BloomUp Team

Behind BloomUp stands a team of young Belgian entrepreneurs with a passion for making mental health support more accesible.

Fun fact

BloomUp started as a volunteering project wanting to contribute to the COVID-19 crisis. We started with more than 10 volunteers during the lockdown in March 2020. The first 3 months we never saw each other physically. This confirmed our belief in the power of connecting online and achieving incredible things!

Thank you

BloomUp would not have been BloomUp without the efforts of these volunteers: Dries Bostyn, Elias Van Gool, Emilien Durieu, Francis De Clercq, Jasper Boschmans, Jonas Boury, Justine Janssen, Jürgen Hannsens, Kate Johnston, Lara Puylaert, Laura Bogaert, Laura Mattys, Lauranne Coremans, Laurens De Poorter, Lieselot Maes, Marthe Bulcke, Rani Brulmans, Samuel Smeys, Sarah Maesen and Thomas Ghys. Thank you all for making Belgium mentally stronger together with us.