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Is BloomUp for me?

Who is BloomUp for?

With BloomUp we aim to make mental health care more accessible for adults.

If you or someone else is in an crisis situation or in danger, we refer you to the appropriate platforms . If you are under 18, you will find here also suitable alternatives.

How much does a consultation with a professional cost?
Is a reimbursement possible?

The first introductory meeting with a professional is free and lasts a maximum of 15 minutes. When you choose your professional, you will also see the rate for the follow-up interview, which is on average 55 euros per consultation. Currently, refund is not yet integrated on the platform. You can discuss with your psychologist during the introductory meeting whether you qualify through your health insurance fund.

How does BloomUp work?

What do I need to start a first session?

The first meeting is an introductory meeting. All you need is a room where you can talk quietly and a device that has a camera and internet connection (smartphone, tablet or computer).

How secure is BloomUp?

At BloomUp, we take privacy very seriously. Trust is one of our core values and the foundation upon which BloomUp is designed.

  • As a user you decide whether you want to make the first conversation anonymously.
  • You have to create an account for follow-up conversations, but you can always decide not to use your camera.
  • No one outside the professional can listen in.
  • We do not share your data outside the platform.

  • You can read this in detail in our privacy policy.

    Can I use BloomUp anonymously?

    After choosing a professional for a first free introductory meeting, we ask for your e-mail and address. Your e-mail is necessary to keep you informed of the conversation. We ask for your address in case of an emergency. You can decide not to set up your video camera in the first introductory meeting. From the moment you decide to proceed with the professional, we do recommend that you set up your video camera. This way you can build a better relationship with the professional and increase the quality of the therapy. Know that the professional is bound by professional secrecy.

    Do I have to create a profile?

    After you've chosen a professional, we'll ask for your email and a password. If you decide to book a follow-up interview with the professional, we ask you to complete your profile.

    What if I can't afford the therapy?

    With BloomUp we want to make psychological support more accessible, also on a financial level. That is why we work with an initial free introductory meeting and in the long run we also want to further lower the financial threshold in other ways. We are looking at several options. We therefore recommend that you also consider the following options for the time being if the financial threshold is too high for you:

    • Are you a student? Then be sure to check out what your university/high school offers.
    • Do you work for a company? Employers often offer low-threshold solutions. Is there no offer for psychological support yet? Then you can definitely refer them to
    • Other options that are possible:
      • Your doctor. After a referral from your GP, if you meet certain criteria, you can see a primary care psychologist. They work at reduced rates. Click here for more info. Your GP can also guide you further in the local mental healthcare landscape.
      • CAW: . The Center for General Welfare (CAW) helps people with all their questions and problems related to wellbeing. The help at the CAW is free.

      How does the payment via BloomUp work?

      You don't have to worry about payments, this goes very easily via BloomUp! Your client pays for the session in advance via our platform. This goes via various payment methods: QR code, mobile banking app, PayPal or bank transfer.

      BloomUp automatically records the number of sessions performed and pays them monthly. From this amount we deduct the service cost you owe BloomUp (= number of paying calls x €6). You will receive a document at the end of each month which you can use for your accounting. So you don't have to do anything for this, very simple!

      Good to know: we have a cancellation policy of 24 hours. If a client cancels without a valid reason within 24 hours before a session, the client will be charged. This amount will be transferred to you.

      Which professional do I come into contact with?

      How does BloomUp find the right professional for me?

      We find a suitable professional for you through a simple matching procedure. This is based on a few basic questions that you fill in at the start of your first session.

      Which professionals does BloomUp work with?

      To ensure the quality of care on BloomUp:

      • we work with qualified clinical psychologists in possession of a recognition document from the agency care & health
      • we work with recognized psychotherapists who meet the official recognition requirements of the Belgian Federal Government
      • BloomUp personally verifies each professional via a video call
      • BloomUp requires the professionals to be supervised. This means that they get feedback from another (more experienced) professional.

      What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychotherapist?

      • A clinical psychologist is someone with knowledge about psychological complaints and disorders and has experience in determining and treating them. A clinical psychologist has obtained a university master's degree in Clinical Psychology.
      • Psychotherapy is a form of treatment within mental health care. A psychotherapist is trained in guiding clients and mainly focuses on a (change) process in collaboration with the client. Psychotherapy is considered a further specialization of clinical psychology. Since the new law in 2016 regarding the mental health professions, this can be a clinical psychologist, clinical remedial educationalist or doctor. There are also a number of exceptions for professionals who were already practicing psychotherapy before this law.

      Can I get in touch with the same professional again after my first consult for a follow-up consultation?

      Yes this is possible. When you decide to book a follow-up interview with the professional, the professional can add you as a client and schedule a follow-up interview.

      What if it doesn't click with the professional?

      If you do not feel a click during the first free introductory meeting or after a number of sessions with the therapist, you can start another free introductory meeting with another professional.

      Can consultations also take place in person?

      Do you doubt whether online therapy works? In this blog you will find the benefits of online therapy. If you and the professional still feel the need to meet in person, this is certainly allowed. But there is no matching based on location.

      Can't find the answer?

      You can ask us anything, we are here to help you.